Superior Animal Hospital & Boarding Suites

Urgent Care

Superior Animal Hospital offers urgent care services. Please call our office if your pet is experiencing an emergency or if you are in need of an urgent care appointment. 

During Business Hours

If urgent care is required during office hours, please give us a call right away. While we are able to accommodate our schedule to see emergency clients, we do ask that you call first. This allows us to triage your pet's situation so we can provide the best possible care.

After-Hours Emergency Care

We are NOT open 24/7. Some emergencies require 24-hour care, and in those emergency situations, we may refer our clients to:

AEVS: Blue Pearl
2314 W Michigan Street
Duluth, MN 55806

If you must visit a different emergency hospital because we are closed, and you are our regular client, do not worry - your pet can be transferred back to our care once they are deemed healthy enough for transport. We will also help with the recuperation and follow up with your pet’s health post-emergency.

If you feel that your pet is having a poison-related emergency, please contact the Pet Poison Helpline at 855-764-7661.

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