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Health & Travel Certificates

Pets can be fantastic travel companions and planning in advance is key! Our veterinarians can assist with preparing the documentation that your pet needs to travel with you.

Traveling With Your Pet?

The first step is to schedule a visit to obtain a Certification of Veterinary Inspection from one of our federally accredited veterinarians. During your pet’s visit, we’ll examine your pet and check if they are healthy enough for travel, disease-free, parasite-free, and current on all necessary vaccinations.

Prevent travel delays and other inconveniences when traveling outside of the county by checking specific USDA Pet Travel Regulations based on your destination. Keep in mind, there will be strict regulations to bring your pet back into the country, too!

Most airlines require proof of a pet’s health certificate within 10 days before travel, so don’t wait too long to schedule an appointment!

Transportation Considerations

Airlines have different regulations for transporting pets based on breed, species, and size. Even before you schedule a visit with your veterinarian, it’s important to contact the airline. Keep your pet as safe and stress-free as possible by booking direct flights, avoiding busy travel times, and depending on your pet’s size and airline regulations, reserve a seat for your pet in the passenger cabin if at all possible. If your pet must travel in the cargo hold, it’s best to travel during the spring or fall to avoid extreme temperatures.

Let your pet become familiar with the car before hitting the road. Gradually drive greater distances over time, and make it a positive experience for your pet with plenty of cuddles, treats, and praise. For everyone’s safety, keep your pet restrained and secure with a carrier, crate, or harness. Finally, keep the radio at a reasonable volume. Loud noises can make pets more fearful.

If you will be traveling by bus or train, check to make sure your pet can board with you before booking travel for yourself. When you reach your destination, give your pet time to relax and acclimate to his or her surroundings.

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