Nutrition for Cats

Proper nutrition is a very important part of your cat’s overall health requirements. We recommend the following:


Your kitten will grow as much in the first year of its life as an average human grows in the first twenty years. Proper nutrition is critical to meet the needs of such rapid change. Feed your kitten Hill’s Healthy Advantage Kitten formula or other premium kitten food for the first year.

Adult Cats

Hill’s Healthy Advantage Adult or other premium adult cat food is important for your cat’s adult years. There are also formulas available in Light, Sensitive Skin and Hairball Control. Senior formulas are a great choice for cats seven years of age and older. Ask your veterinarian which formula is the best one for your cat.

Always make sure your cat has plenty of fresh water. Some cats prefer running water to bowls. The more cats drink, the better.

We also offer many prescription foods that target certain medical conditions or diseases. Your veterinarian will explain your specific nutrition needs if your cat requires a prescription food.

For cats of all ages: table food and milk can be dangerous when fed to them. These items can cause constipation or diarrhea, excessive weight gain, predispose them to urinary tract disease as well as create behavioral problems.

Ask your veterinarian if you have questions regarding your cat’s nutritional needs.

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