Dog Boarding

  • Penthouse Suites – 4’ x 7’ at $35.00 per day. This includes a private window, Kuranda bed, in-floor heat, air conditioning, night lights, music, and a full glass door- more like a room in your home than a kennel!
  • Presidential Suites – 4’ x 8’ at $33.00 per day.
  • Executive Suites – 4’ x 5’ at $30.00 per day.
  • Junior Executive Suites – 3’ x 5’ at $29.00 per day.
  • Daycare-any available suite at $14.50 per day.

These Suites all have off the floor resting benches, bedding available if needed, in-floor heat, air conditioning, night lights, and music.

Special Notes

  • If there is a second dog sharing the same Suite, the fee per day for the second dog is one-half the regular daily Suite fee.
  • Multiple guests staying in separate Suites will receive a 10% discount off their total bill.
  • Medication administration is $1.00 per day for every two prescriptions given. Insulin injections are $3.00 per day for every two injections given.

Cat Boarding

  • We offer large, enclosed Condo areas, litter boxes, food, plenty of daily contact, and lots of sunlight and cuddle time. Cost is $18.00 per day.
  • Multiple cat guests receive a 10% discount for their stay.

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