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Boarding & Rates

Comfort, safety, and loving care are hallmarks of the boarding accommodations offered at Superior Animal Hospital. We pride ourselves on providing canine and feline boarders with a warm environment to call home during their temporary stay, and pet owners peace of mind while they are out of town.

Reservations are required! Call 715-394-7829 to reach our boarding suites. You can fill out our boarding registration form online. 

We want your pets to enjoy their time us! We offer the following to enrich the environment of your pet during their stay:

Canine Accommodations & Rates

A variety of suites are available to choose from, including penthouse suites, presidential, executive, and junior executive. The right choice of suite for your pet is dependent on your pet’s size, and all suites are equipped with off the floor resting benches, in-floor heating, air conditioning, night lights, music, and bedding if needed. The penthouse suites offer a private window, Kuranda bed, in-floor heating, air conditioning, night lights, music, and a full glass door.

Dogs enjoy three daily walks, playtime, and love and attention during their stay. One-on-one play time is held in an indoor play area or sheltered outdoor exercise and play area. And of course, there will be endless belly rubs and hugs.

*If there is a second dog sharing the same suite, the fee per day for the second dog is one-half the regular daily suite fee.

*Multiple guests staying in separate suites will receive a 10% discount off their total bill.

Feline Accommodations & Rates

Feline boarders are housed in a feline only area to maximize comfort and minimize stress. Condo units are spacious with clear windows overlooking the hospital lobby and outdoors for a stimulating environment. One-on-one time is also provided to help your feline friend feel more at home.

* Multiple cat guests receive a 10% discount for their stay.