Boarding Medical Directive

Boarding Medical Directive

In the event of illness or injury during your pet's stay, a medical directive will allow us to act in the best interest of you and your pet.
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  • Medical Illness Directive

    If your pet becomes ill during their stay, please choose the course of action you would like our staff to take in order to aid your pet. *If you do not leave a directive with us, there is no dollar limit indicated, or we are unable to contact you (or your emergency contact), Superior Animal Hospital will do everything in their power to help your pet.
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  • Rarely, life-threatening situations requiring immediate surgery or treatment may arise while your pet is boarding. In these instances, a decision must be made quickly. Costs for these emergencies can be $2000-$4000. If we are unable to reach you or your emergency contact and immediate decision must be made regarding your pet's care, please check one of the following:
  • I certify that I have read and fully understand this form and the procedures that will take place in the event I or my emergency contact cannot be reached. I hereby release Superior Animal Hospital and Boarding Suites and all staff from any and all claims arising out of medical treatment needed for my pet. I agree to pay all medical costs accrued due to illness or injury of my pet while boarding. This medical directive will be signed at check-in and is valid for one year. Any changes are the responsibility of the client and should be presented to the SAH staff at check-in.

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