Behavior and Training for Cats

Litter boxes are generally well accepted by most cats. Consider the following tips:

  1. Confine cat with box initially
  2. Provide easy access in a quiet location
  3. Use unscented litter, either scoopable or regular.
  4. Clean or scoop the box daily.
  5. The number of boxes recommended by experts is one per cat plus one (i.e. 2 cats=3 boxes).

The key to preventing bad litter box behavior is: Do not give cats any reasons for not wanting to use the box. Pregnant women should be cautious cleaning litter boxes because of Toxoplasmosis; it is best to have a non-pregnant family member clean and change the litter box.

Do not play aggressively with kittens or cats; some will learn this behavior and escalate in aggression. It then won’t be so cute. Redirect the play behavior away form hands and body (fetch, fishing pole type toys, etc.)

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